Monday, December 15, 2008

God moves in mysterious ways

God Moves in Mysterious Ways

I just wanted to tell all of you about one of the most intense experiences of my life - and it happened a few months ago after my friends and I left from Two-Fisted Mario's in downtown Denver.

Here's some backstory:

I had parked relatively far away from 16th street, and so by extension, I had to walk roughly a dozen blocks to get to Mario's.

When everyone was departing, Don offered to give me a ride to my car, and I happily obliged him.

Don was driving, while myself and two of his friends were riding as passengers.

As Don drove down the street towards my car, he showed us his supercharged engine in a short burst of speed. Unfortunately for us, a police officer noticed and pulled Don over. Don had not been speeding by any means - he merely wanted to show us how powerful his engine sounded.

While sitting in the car, Don told us that if he got a ticket for speeding, he would most likely be arrested on the spot, as his trial was pending as of that next week.

Don said "If I get arrested tonight, none of you will ever see me again."

If so, his trial would be thrown out, and his sentence would become immediate, with no hope of resolution other than trial without jury.

As we sat there in the car, our hearts racing, the thoughts smashing around inside our heads, Don's friend wrapped her arms around him, and whispered "I won't let go if they try to take you."

I put my arm on his shoulder, as the tears began to run down my face.

All I said was "We will be praying for you, no matter what happens ."

The four of us then began to pray for mercy and compassion - for some glimmer of hope amidst the choking darkness.

We cried out to God for something - anything - to keep them from tearing Don from us forever.

The officer then walked out of his car, and over to his trunk, seemingly looking for something to assist him in the arrest.

Then, walking back to the car, he tilted his head down to our awaiting faces, pensive and taut with fear.

"It is against the law to have any exhibitions of speed in a public area, Mr. Hamm. Be sure to keep your speeds down in the future, or you'll be making payments on a car that you no longer own."

...and he walked away.

Turning on his lights and siren, he sped off into the night - leaving us...shaken.

Don said "....he had another call - There was someone more important than me right now."

....I don't cry 'tears of joy' very often in my life, but in the raw presence of divine intervention - in the face of spiritual absolution - I wept tears of joy.

The odds that another more important call would come at 12:07 AM on a Monday morning in downtown Denver for that specific police officer are one-in-a-million.

I had just witnessed a miracle. God once again reminded me that he's there. Always there.

...who says prayer doesn't work?

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