Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My goodness me. What a span of time it's been.

Huh. I guess you can lump me in with the "Started a blog, and wrote a few things for it but eventually abandoned it in favor of other pursuits" crowd. I have some pretty awesome excuses to offer if anyone is interested, but I do have to preface them as excuses.

But here we are! Here I am!

With my trip to India forthcoming (8 more days to be exact), I wanted to continue writing here on this blog, because it affords me an outlet into which I can direct my stream of consciousness. Having this blog was tremendously helpful while with YWAM, and I plan to keep it updated with postings about my time in India.

Here is the (rough) gameplan for my time in India:

-We plan to visit 4 major areas - Delhi, Agra, Kechhwa, and Varanasi. The trip will take roughly 11 days, and we (as in Chip Anderson, Debra Anderson and myself) are going to be bouncing around on trains, planes, and perhaps even crazy-nonsense-rickshaws.

I plan to keep this blog updated with my thoughts on the sights, sounds, smells (which I hear are quite...unique) and crowds of India.

I am also going to be sitting on a plane for a truly absurd amount of time, so I may utilize some of that time to upload some things I've written during my time at Denver Seminary, or just write weird stories about going to Casa Bonita 27+ times. When the mood strikes, all I can do is write.

In closing, any and all prayers would be deeply appreciated for my small missionary team for India. Spiritual warfare is a very real and very commonplace occurrence in India (so I've heard), so I would covet your prayers for safety, health, and expedience with travel.

I love all of you - you are all very near and dear to my heart, and I look forward to sharing these small bits and pieces of my trip with you.


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